Sumner Group Mining (SGM) is an emerging gold producer in Peru and Brazil focused on the development and operation of mining assets and processing (tolling) plants in mineral-rich regions, close to other established global mining companies.

SGM is finalising a joint venture with an experienced Peruvian operator for the establishment of gold production at both the Oro Pesa tolling project in Arequipa and the Cushuro project in Alto Chicama gold district.  Both projects are expected to be operational in 2021.


In addition, the company owns 100% of the near surface oxidised portions of the numerous sulphide deposits in the 658 km² Aripuanã Project located in north-western Brazil.    
Sumner Group Mining has assembled a network of mining professionals with the track record of building, developing and expanding mining operations in South America.

Quality Assets / De-risked Business Model

  • Near/mid term cashflow from strategically located tolling operation in Oro Pesa .

  • Near/mid term cash flow and exploration upside from Cushuro.

Operational Excellence

  • Seasoned and experienced multi-disciplinary board and advisors.


  • Committed to operating to the highest safety and environmental standards and creating value for all those impacted by our work on the ground.


Capital Discipline

  • Our management team has a proven track record of developing and commercialising businesses across the globe, as well as in-depth knowledge of capital markets.

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