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Our Commitment

Sumner Group Mining is committed to operating within the highest international standards of environmental stewardship, community engagement and employee health and safety. We aim to contribute meaningfully in our operating environments, and we firmly believe that our success will positively impact the success of local communities, employees and artisanal miners.

Our goal is for Sumner Group Mining to be recognised as creating economic, social and environmental value by harnessing long-term partnerships with all of these valued stakeholders. 

Local impact

Sumner Group Mining upholds a business strategy which acknowledges the complex nature of exploration and which is committed to creating value for all those impacted by our work on the ground – the communities in which we operate, the local artisanal miners and other partners. We have four abiding principals:

  • Health and education
    We have a major opportunity to support health and education facilities for local communities. We will also focus on the vulnerable – those unable to work.


  • Employment and training
    As we continue to grow, we will need additional support and skills., Sumner Group Mining is committed to employing local labourers, developing skills and up-skilling to generate new capabilities.


  • Artisanal support
    Relationships with the local artisanal miners partnering and involved with the Sumner Group processing plants are of the utmost importance. We aim to improve all aspects of commercial, technical and legal support:
    - Commercial terms: Aggressive commercial terms to ensure competitive advantage
    - Geological support: To improve the grade achieved and extend the lifetime of their operation
    - Technical support: To improve their mining methods to deliver a more cost-effective operation
    - Legal support: To assist each of our partners with the formalisation process


  • Environmental strategy
    Our sustainability policy is aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our mining operations. We will consistently analyse areas where we can proactively reduce harmfulness, including water management, energy usage, tailings and waste and air emissions.


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