Key Highlights

  • Gold Processing Plant

  • Location - Arequipa, Peru

  • The Oro Pesa project covers 1,000 hectares in the Arequipa region. The near complete plant and concession are located in one of the richest ore producing regions of Peru, adjacent to major mines. 

  • Under the General Mining Law, DL 1100 and DL 1305, the Company is permitted to process up to 350 MTD of ore at the Oro Pesa processing plant. 

  • Preliminary geology and a CPR have been completed. 

  • The exploration team visited fourteen artisanal operations within an 8 km radius of the concession, finding that at least 50% of those operations have commercial grade gold to be exploited.

  • An extensive ‘Social Engagement Plan’ is underway as part of the Company’s Social Corporate Responsibility policy to involve the local community. 

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